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How to improve the sales tour profitability?

Optimize your sales route and increase your sales tour profitability with a visit planning management and optimization tool coupled with a CRM solution.

For the sales management, a customer relationship management (CRM) solution has become an essential tool to maintain high-quality customer relationships, lasting exchanges and build loyalty. The CRM provides a wide range of sales management features (contacts management, goal tracking, reporting, etc.) that help salespeople increase their efficiency.

However, a field sales team needs specific tools to prepare its tours to be even more efficient.

Therefore, a sales route optimization tool coupled with a CRM becomes an important growth driver. If the tool has a functionality for route optimization, geocoding and scheduling of appointments, it allows the sales manager and the sales team to:

  • View on one single interface and per salesperson;
    – companies, contacts (clients or leads) of a company,
    – mapping of a prospecting area,
    – the sales representative calendar.

Optimize the planning of your sales trips to maximize sales tour profitability

  • Obtain a tour schedule proposal by sales representative, depending on their availabilities, type of contact, etc.
  • Optimize itineraries according to different constraints (e. g. timetables).
  • Increase the number of appointments, profitable visits for the company and sales tour profitability
  • Recalculate a route in case of last-minute cancellation.
  • Quickly and accurately assess itineraries of your sales team thanks to a cartographic view.
  • Reduce the acquisition cost of a customer.
  • Reduce travel costs for example by choosing itineraries that limit expenses (fuel, tolls, parking, catering, etc.).
  • Visualize the contacts, appointments schedule and itineraries in the same interface (in the CRM).
  • Simulate travel times according to the transportation mean in just one click.
  • Better grid a sales territory.
  • Make teams more productive and less stressed by the travelled kilometers.


Carefully select your visits/appointments before preparing your commercial tour

Visits and appointments contribute to the sales tour profitability but can be expensive. Therefore, several elements must be considered to make them profitable.

1- Identify the profile of each client

Below are 4 typical profiles:

Carefully select the type of clients to visit to increase sales tour profitability

2- Assess the ideal frequency of visits for each client or prospect

 Chances to obtain an order depending on the number of visits

Chances to obtain an order based on the number of visits


The sales manager estimates this number by experience. He/she can use a few graphs to visualize the probabilities of obtaining an order according to the number of visits (for each category of customer or lead). Here is an example along with a graph and commentary relating to a prospect, taken from FORCE DE VENTES, p. 135, published by the Organization editions. 2003.

Hypothesis 1: The probability of obtaining an order decreases with the number of visits if the offer – products, prices, guarantees – is not adapted to the prospect’s needs and if the company does not make the necessary adjustments; the salesperson loses its credibility.

Hypothesis 2: The probability of obtaining an order increases with the number of visits since it is necessary to create contact, study the needs, etc. at the beginning. In this case, the quantity of visits is a driver of the sales tour profitability

3- Determine the most profitable visits and appointments to increase your sales tour profitability

The sales manager can use different tools to assess the importance of each client and prioritize the actions to be undertaken. For example, the 20/80 or Pareto’s law suggests that 80% of sales turnover is generated by 20% of customers or with 20% of all products.

Pareto's law is relevant for sales tour profitability

Theoretical representation of ABC categories

The sales manager can also address those essential questions: what is the potential of this customer/prospect? Does he/she have any upcoming projects? Which share does he/she occupy in my portfolio? What is this client’s profitability for the company? Etc.

 4- Multiply visits and appointments

Increasing the visit and appointment effort (considering the above points) is essential.

Use a simulator to calculate the sales tour profitability

You will find below a list of variables that can be taken into account when calculating the sales tour profitability.

We encourage you to download the GAIN SIMULATOR: Calculate the ROI of your sales tours, which integrates each of these variables.

1- Consider all costs

  • Number of itinerant sales representatives
  • Average monthly salary + social security and employer’s contributions per salesperson & other costs (fuel, car, etc.)
  • Travelled kilometers per year
  • Average number of appointments per day
  • Time spent on scheduling appointments per week (in hours)
  • Cost of an appointment

2- Gains of using a sales route planning software

  • Estimated percentage of gain over travelled kilometers
  • Estimated number of additional appointments
  • Saving on visit planning time per week
  • Cost per travelled kilometer
  • Hours worked per day
  • Days worked per month


Take advantage of its use!


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