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What is EXANERGY Routes?

EXANERGY Routes is a cloud-based software that allows you to manage, prepare, update and optimize your sales routes by:

  • Geocoding contacts, customers, leads and any other entity relevant to your company,
  • Taking into account your multiple constraints,
  • Selecting contacts, accounts and leads to visit, according to the criteria of your choice,
  • Proposing a schedule that can be modified at any time.

Schedules can be managed by the sales representatives themselves or by a dedicated person. Sales representatives can update their schedules at any time.

EXANERGY Routes can be subscribed and used alone, or with EXANERGY CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

To find out more about managing your sales tours with EXANERGY Routes:

  • Visit the EXANERGY Routes advantages section,
  • View the sales tour management solution presentation video.