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A sales route planning software: what for?

You spend a considerable number of hours organizing your sales tours. Considering the various constraints and criteria, this is impossible to do manually. Thanks to a sales route planning software, the organization of customer visits is simplified and allows you to improve the efficiency of your mobile sales force and optimize the use of your resources.

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How to avoid the headache when organizing your customer visits?

The organization of customer visits can quickly become a laborious task for sales tour planners or sales representatives who manage their own schedules. However, they are a growth driver for any company that wants to retain its customers and conquer new markets. Successfully preparing and optimizing them is a crucial issue.

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How to improve the sales tour profitability?

The sales tour profitability is essential to the sustainability of a company whose activity is essentially based on its mobile sales force. To make a tour profitable, the company can use multiple tools or techniques. We will analyze in this blog post how to improve the sales tour profitability.

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How to plan the commercial tours of your sales team?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are currently facing fierce competition due to a difficult economic environment. To survive, they must either take market share from their competitors or be ahead of them through innovative offers or concepts. The efficiency of the mobile sales force is essential and the organization of sales tours is crucial. Find out in this blog post how to optimize the sales route of your sales representatives.

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