Sales Route Planner, Cloud Computing Solution

Less time planning & driving, more time selling

Sales Route Planner Solution available as a cloud service

EXANERGY Routes software helps your sales force to efficiently plan optimized tours.

More time spent with clients, more appointments, fewer kilometers driven and time saved when planning your tours

Can be used alone or with EXANERGY CRM

Manage and optimize your sales tour

With EXANERGY Routes, manage and optimize your sales tour on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The sales route planner solution allows you to:

  • geocode your contacts, leads and clients,
  • have an appointment schedule, taking into account your availabilities, type of contacts, etc,
  • optimize your itineraries depending on the planned appointments,
  • update your schedule at any time,
  • plan tours in just a few clicks, whether you are a sales representative or a third person in the company.

Select, View, Optimize, Adjust.
Your tour is scheduled !


Manage and optimize your sales tour

With EXANERGY Routes, manage and optimize your sales tours and visits in the coming weeks.

This sales tour management software allows you to:

  • Geocode the addresses of your customers, leads, contacts, suppliers, resellers, partners, or any other entity, and schedule appointments.
  • obtain proposals for tour planning by sales representative, according to availability, type of contacts, etc.
  • optimize routes according to validated appointments, update your visit plannings daily,
  • schedule tours in a few clicks, either by the salespeople themselves or by a third party.
Geocode your contacts and appointments with EXANERGY Routes
Set your multiple constraints on EXANERGY Routes

Set your different constraints

Your own constraints as sales representative

  • Departure/arrival points,
  • Working hours, etc.

Your clients and leads features

  • Appointment frequency,
  • Average length of a visit,
  • Opening hours and preferred visiting hours.

EXANERGY Routes algorithms formulate a weekly/daily appointment schedule which considers all the features previously set.

Set your multiple constraints on EXANERGY Routes

Select contacts, leads and clients to visit

Thanks to predefined and customizable search filters, you can easily select the accounts, contacts and leads with whom you want to make an appointment.

Select the contacts, leads and clients to visit
EXANERGY Routes, cloud-based solution

Multiply your visits to optimize your sales tour

Use the map’s ‘Proximity Search’ feature to:

  • Click on an appointment and search surrounding leads, contacts and accounts ‘X’ kilometers away,
  • Add the customer, partner or supplier you want to meet to your selection,
  • Plan a new tour.
EXANERGY Routes, cloud-based solution

Plan the tour of your sales team

As a manager, you can generate the appointment schedule of your sales representatives using a simple interface:
EXANERGY Routes sales tour scheduling.

Using this tool:

  • You select the time lapse to manage (month, quarter, semester…),
  • Select the leads or clients to visit,
  • Manage the schedule of several sales representative from one single interface.

You can then interact with your sales representatives’ plannings, making changes or integrating new visits.

With EXANERGY Routes sales route planning software, optimize your visiting schedule from any device
EXANERGY Routes, a mobile sales route planner solution

Have all the information you need in the field

EXANERGY Routes used alone

You can access EXANERGY Routes using your mobile, from any place.

When you are on the ground, you have access to all the information and necessary functionnalities such as:

  • Proximity search,
  • Daily itinerary view (each day is marked by a different color) and appointment schedule, with the names and times of your appointments.

By coupling EXANERGY Routes with EXANERGY CRM (or any other Microsoft CRM)

  • Access useful information on the person you have an appointment with,
  • Create a report on your mobile, save it and send potential action points to relevant partners or to your boss.

Quick and easy installation of EXANERGY CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online and /or on your servers).

EXANERGY Routes, a mobile sales route planner solution

EXANERGY Routes is available in multiple languages

The solution is available in French and English. Other languages are available upon request. The software covers metropolitan France, Europe and North America.

EXANERGY Routes, an international sales route planner solution
Flexible subscription for sales route planning solution

Subscribe to EXANERGY Routes

with monthly payment per user, with no commitment

Software updates and maintenance are automatic with no hardware investment.
You can freely set the number of users depending on your needs.

Flexible subscription for sales route planning solution